Tetris Revolution

Tetris Revolution 1.7

A three-dimensional remake of the classical Tetris game

Play Tetris in a 3D environment by moving and rotating the shapes around to form complete rows. Check out all the given modes available: Emptix, Kids, Pentix, Retro or Revolution to see which you like best, collect bonuses and use explosives to get rid of the pieces that are in your way.

There are multiple versions of the classic tetris but nowadays what tetris lovers wish most of all is an original version that can drive them mad. Are you a fan of tetris games? So what are you waiting for? Tetris revolution will definitely blow your head! A real revolution of the tetris world!
Tetris revolution is a new version of the worldwide known classic tetris game. Even though the name does not throw much light to the improvements of the classic version, you can find some interesting things.
This new version includes 5 different game types (Revolution, Pentix, Emptix, Kids and Retro), and the stereo sound is superb!
This classic tetris 3D remake allows you to use the diverse tools it includes so any player can, for example, get a great deal of bonuses and explosives which will make numerous unwanted blocks accumulated blow in the air so that the game gets not so classic. Another great advantage of the game is absolutely amazing 3D graphics. In short, it's got pretty everything tetris fans can think of!

Review summary


  • 3D features that visually call your attention


  • Does not work in multiplayer mode
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